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Old Cross Castle, Lake of the Ozarks



“A certain kind of personality has an interest in life

and wants to live beyond what the average Joe

would do. Climb a little higher. Run a little faster.

Do something different than everybody else.”

Kel Bayless


Old Cross Castle


Rural Missouri — At home in their castle

So you want to build a castle, eh?

Couple Turns House Into Castle

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Personal message from Stan & Adele Adell

We had the awesome privilege to meet Anne and Kel and enjoy the

wonderful castle retreat. We had hoped to build this website with

input and photos from Kel's family and friends. Unfortunately,

we lost our dear friend on April 5, 2008. Kel will be missed by

so many people and his legacy will live on with the joy he

brought to everyone. KC Star Obituary


Stan Adell 913.963.5411 stan@adells.com


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